The Rumpus

(Or, what the Rumpus is all about):

Preparing and sharing meals is one of those things. It says: Love.  It’s that it-was-still-hot moment, when something so simple, something as methodical and monotonous as a carefully-made meal says obviously, specifically i love you in a way you can literally taste.

I want this space, with supper as the medium (and of course, stories – which often pairs well with supper anyway), to inspire you to seek out the story unfolding in your own bedroom, to see the home in all of the chaos and the wild in the mundane, and of course, to always come home to soup on your nightstand.


My name is MariJean (most people call me MJ) and I am a writer.

Some of my words appear in WolftreeEat This Poem,  Reject Apathy, and Barefoot Running.

So without further ado (and do I even need to say it?)

let the wild rumpus start!

*if you haven’t already, you should probably read Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. You might miss a few allusions if you don’t.

*header an adaptation by BeYourOwnSavior of Maurice Sendak’s illustration from the book. Found here.