A Snack with Mr. Brown and Mr. Black: One Way to Inspire Your Toddler to Love Mealtime

by regressada

Well, this blog has gotten quite dusty with disuse *cough*…but it’s ok! We’re back, for now.

I’ve been inspired lately by my two-year old and her fascination with books and stories. Food, not so much. At least not yet.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to instill a love for mealtime and enjoyment of good food. Well, I think I found one way to do it!

This morning she came up to me, asking, “Mama? Can I have some cheese?” And to my delight I saw that she has been paging through Dr. Seuss’ “Hop on Pop” book–and stopped on the page where Mr. Brown and Mr. Black are having a snack. Remember that one?


They are eating sandwiches without crusts–which look a lot like slices of cheese to my little girl’s mind. And apples, and bananas. So, I prepared a little plate for her to munch on while she read–and guess what? She sat there for ten minutes or so with those two characters, snacking right along with them. Hurray!