brown butter, snickerdoodles, and a picture of dinosaur cookies

by regressada

So…you remember my favorite blog? eatthispoem?

Today I was featured, along with a delicious (i can vouch for this because I just baked some) recipe for Pumpkin Snickerdoodles. And my poem…remember the one about cookies?

Read the whole post: poem and recipe – here!
Nichole Gulotta did a fantastic job with the contest entries/recipes, and I’m very thankful to have been featured on such a neat blog.

There is also a downloadable anthology of a bunch of poems from the eat this poem poetry contest. I’ve read a few so far, and plan to enjoy the rest with a cup of hot chocolate. My favorite part was a short preface to the recipe:

“I only have two philosophies when it comes to baking.
1. If you’re going to melt the butter, you may as well brown it.
2. Baking is for sharing”