Masked Heroes, Courageous Villains and Stormy Day Soup

by regressada

Halfway through October! What a time for making up a pot of Stormy Day Soup and curling up with a good book.

When the season starts changing, my subconscious finds a book to highlight the colors  with words…a story for the stage. Usually when the leaves start turning I start turning the pages of The Hobbit – it’s  a yearly ritual – but this year I went for a smaller, tidier book: Jackaroo, by Cynthia Voigt.

It’s a high-adventure story (think Robin Hood) yet still deals (deliciously subtly, I must add) with painful subjects in a way that leaves the reader empowered rather than desolate, unlike so many “realist” novels that dump you into the depressing mud of “real life” and leave you there to wallow. This book gave me a different inner attitude that inspired me to the kind of quiet action that just might actually change the world. But you’ll have to read it to find out what I mean!

In this story, you’ll meet many tantalizing characters and places:

-princes and lordlings setting off across the distant mountains
-robbers and villains (with a surprising past)
-a mysterious man who rides under cover of night in a dashing disguise
-a merry inn on the edge of town
-a feisty girl with a quiet courage
-a stable boy with broad shoulders and gentle hands
-and (as an unexpected surprise) thick hearty soup often gracing the pages and the hearths

I found the recipe for Stormy Day Soup in good ol’ Betty Crocker Cookbook (I have an old dusty version my grandma found at an estate sale) and it is simple and delicious. Go put some on the stove and highlight the day with a story!