How’s THIS for muchness?

by regressada

“Sometimes I think of as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” -Alice


It is rare that I like a movie better than the book that inspired it, but Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland comes pretty close.  I love it because, in a rare twist of the natural elements of story, Alice herself is the champion who slays the Jabberwocky, the one in all the prophecies who delivers Underland from the evil queen.

And of course all of these great archetypal themes are woven in with the charming weirdness of Tim Burton and Lewis Carrolls’ imaginations.


The characters are so true to life, despite their living in Wonderland.  Tim Burton’s Underland is a lot like Max’s world in Where the Wild Things Are, where the wild creatures are giant fur-covered versions of all of the people he knows back in the real world: needy, tempestuous, maddening and absolutely wonderful despite it all. The stories get at the root of the complexity of human relationships.

What really makes Alice so brave, though, is her determination to live within the paradoxes; to love the people in her life despite the fact that they are so impossible to love. She’s a risk-taker, in more ways than one.  Through the course of the story she overcomes her biggest fears, realizes her intrinsic value, and takes action on the truths she embraces about herself on behalf of those she loves.

And here I am, waxing semi-eloquent about a movie written for children. I must be going mad…