Green Tea

by regressada

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. You know, I don’t think I’m actually much of a blogger. When I’m blogging, my mind is going sixteen thousand miles an hour but my body is in this weird funk, frozen except for my fingers curling over the keys.

It feels like a sedentary lifestyle.

Anyway, tonight I went on a barefoot night run to get out some of the kinks, try to use my body instead of my brain. It felt wonderful.

I’ll admit it, people.
This week has been overwhelming.  I have a tendency to put too much on my plate (more ways than one) and to boot I let my brain get stuffed full of ideas that I can’t act on until I just want to explode!

(Suddenly I understand why people use that phrase…)

But my friend Connor (who understands tea and adventures and how they go together) has another phrase, when things get piled up. He would just breathe deep and say, “green tea.”

It’s a good few words, not just for the object itself. Each word is a calming one.

Green is pine forests and moss and new tulip tree leaves. It’s the new sting of warmth when the frost breaks and the buds tendril up. It’s the heady wind before and the glowing lawn after a wild summer storm.
Tea is curling up in the middle of a storm (six months later) with your hands wrapped up, warming you all the way down. It means good talks and wool blankets and brown sugar by the spoonful. It’s a little amber cove you sip as you rustle pages of adventure.

…and of course, the two together mean something obnoxiously healthy – with all the antioxidants and anti-inflammatories and whatnot. Down and out of the metaphysical, into the physique.
Really, it’s the mental practice of just focusing on one thing at a time that carries the calming power. Our moments are all we have. Each is precious.


(Wishing green tea on you all. Goodnight!)