dinosaur sandwiches and chocolate cake for breakfast

by regressada

First I thought this week was going to be cookie week.

but I’m not so sure now. This week is really about i-love-you food: food we accept or offer to others to communicate something. It’s like getting a bouquet of flowers or a giant teddy bear, but somebody made it with thier own hands. Kind of like comfort food. But not quite.

Everyone has thier own i-love-you food. Admittedly, for a lot of us it’s cookies. It’s a pretty good default, not gonna lie. Because an I-love-you food has to be universally delicious, relatively simple (usually someone needs it and needs it quick) and it has to have a bit of a twist to it…something to make it special.

Three Ways To Let Food Say I Love You

1. serve it for breakfast.








make cake for breakfast.

serve breakfast in bed.
or have breakfast for dinner.

2. add chocolate








the no-brainer. But you can get creative with this, too.

Add chocolate chips to pancakes.
Add them to pie.
Make hot chocolate and serve it in a big red mug.

3. (and this is the foolproof one)  SHAPE IT LIKE A DINOSAUR

Marena’s I-love-you-food is grilled cheese sandwiches and macaroni and cheese.
Mine is blueberry pancakes and blueberry tea.

What is your I-love-you food?